Question: Why should we choose CareerMatch?
Answer: CareerMatch? is a boutique consulting firm offering a dedicated model of staffing.  We hold ourselves to the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. Whether CareerMatch is the best recruiting partner for you is dependant on your needs, geographical locations, required expertise, corporate policies, and many other factors. We are not the best for all; however, we will honestly answer your specific questions.  Our services are based on teaming with our clients to help them in executing their business, and as such, our success is also dependent on selecting clients to whom we can provide the maximum value.
Question: What happens if staff hired through CareerMatch leave within 3 months?
Answer: We will refund all fees or find another candidate at no cost. Please note that our profiling process is solid and as a result we have never come across this situation.
Question: How can we be certain that you will not recruit our staff away from us at a later date?
Answer: Our code of ethics will not allow us to recruit staff away from our clients. We back that up in writing. We will not recruit employees from our clients, not even from former clients.
Question: What qualifications do your recruiters have?
Answer: Our senior recruiters are IT and Engineering practitioners with over twenty years of industry experience at senior management levels.
Question: How big is your resume database?
Answer: We are not a temp agency nor are we a ?body-shop? staffing firm.  We are a boutique staffing consulting firm that specializes in helping companies solve their unique and specific staffing requirements. Our capability to find candidates is in our private network, research experience, consultative selection, value selling, and our ability to present and match your corporate value equation to the candidates’ needs. It is our experience and premise that the best candidates do not post their resume in public databases.
Question: How do we select the best recruiter?
Answer: Choosing the best recruiter for your organization is very much dependent on factors such as your company’s size, geographical reach, divisions, industry, and expertise. You may wish to consider the following criteria:

  • Recruiter’s depth of knowledge about of your industry, products, and services.
  • Recruiter’s ability to work as an integral part of your team and proactively look for expertise that promotes your business.

You can count on our unbiased opinion in selecting your recruiters. We are in this for the long haul.


Question: What would you do to protect my privacy and image?
Answer: Be rest assured that your resume and all your verbal and written communications are kept in our private and protected database. Under no circumstances will we share your resume with any sources without your prior consent. Further, we will erase all your data at any time upon your request. We will always present you accurately.
Question: What services do you provide for resume writing and job search?
Answer: We offer multiple levels of consulting. Our candidates may request a FREE copy of our resume writing tips and interview hints. We also conduct monthly seminars on resume writing and job search at a minimal cost. Should you require further assistance, one-to-one resume writing consultation is available. Write training@careermatch.ca for more information.
Question: Do you offer referral fee?
Answer: We acknowledge your efforts in helping us locate quality candidates. We offer referral rewards for referring any talented friend or colleague that we place within 12 months from the date of referral. Please note that you do not get credit for referring someone who is already in our database and we do not accept candidates that are currently employed within our client organization. Referrals must be for current postings. We recommend that you contact us prior to referring a candidate to us in order to avoid potential misunderstandings.